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Friday, March 11, 2011

Launching iLearn Mandarin

Hey everyone.

Welcome to iLearn Mandarin! This blog will be a sort of application review for people, like me, who are interested in learning Mandarin Chinese outside of the classroom. I have about 30 applications on my iPhone right now that are geared toward Chinese learners. I would like to provide a space (other than the iTunes store) that gives other users a feel for the various educational apps online. Expect my first real post to go up sometime this weekend.

Updates to follow soon, but I wanted to get things moving. And what better way to motivate myself than by having a deadline. Look for the first official iLearn Mandarin review in the next few days.


  1. Looking forward to it 表弟!

  2. Sounds good, there's not a whole lot of info available on the web about it either which encouraged me to do some app reviews as well. What are you 3 favorite iPhone apps that you have, out of your 30?

  3. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for the comments. I would say that the three apps I use the most are Pleco, Anki and 蘋果日報. A lot of the apps have a very specific learning goal, so I only use them to explore things like poetry, idioms. 蘋果日報 gives me a great tast of Taiwanese news, and there animated stories are very funny. Pleco has got to be the best dictionary out there for iPhones, and since it is free it really is a must have for any Chinese language learner. Anki is a SRS Flashcard system. While the web and computer version is free the iPhone app was $19.99, but well worth it for me since I spend a lot of time on the go. Look for reviews of all these apps and more in posts to follow.


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