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This blog is all about my experience as a Chinese language learner and a Chinese language teacher. I don't post as often as I would like, but it is a fun place to share my thoughts about this beautiful language. Here's a little bit about my background as a student and teacher.

Language Learner:

I got the Chinese language bug back in 2006 during a dinner conversation among friends. Later that night I enrolled in Chinese 101 at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, where I did my undergraduate degree in Global Studies: Communications and a Minor in Chinese.

I spent 10 months in Taipei, Taiwan studying at the Mandarin Language Training Center (師大國語中心).

I spent my Fall semester in Beijing, studying at Peking University (北京大學), where I took intensive one-on-one language lessons. I also had the opportunity to intern with CNN's Beijing Bureau. I learned a lot that semester, not only about the Chinese language, but also about China as an international player in world affairs.

Summer 2011:
Back in Beijing for a 6 week K-12 Chinese Language Teacher Training program, run by ACC and Hamilton College. We spent the six weeks with a language pledge (so no English... EVER) and I got my Chinese ready for the next chapter of my life.

Fall 2011- current:
I'm back in Taipei, Taiwan working on my Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL). My focus is on Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), and I hope to look at how students use computers and mobile devices to study Chinese.

Teaching Chinese:

Summer 2009:
I got my first taste of being a Chinese teacher at 森林湖, Concordia Language Villages Chinese Summer Camp. We ran a full immersion program teaching kids age 7-17. After those six weeks I was hooked!

Still not quite sure how it happened, but I landed a job at the Milwaukee Chinese Weekend School teaching their Upper-Advanced students. It was quite the challenge as every one of my students was American born Taiwanese. I overcame my fears and taught them everything I could. We focused a lot on reading and writing, and it was a sad day when my program ended.

These days:
Being a graduate student doesn't afford much time for anything else, but I still want to teach as much as I can, and put everything I'm learning to the test! I spend a few hours a week tutoring a few people here in Taiwan, working with my students to meet their own specific goals. I occasionally blog about the experience on my blog.

I'm also currently doing a sort of teaching internship with MyLanguage360, an American based company that offers digital classrooms to students in school districts that don't have a Chinese program. I'm currently teaching 5 high school students from New York twice a week, and having a total blast. 

Current Projects:

Skritter Blog: I'm writing for Skritter at the moment, focusing all things Chinese language related, with the occasional cultural post as well.

Academic Explorers: "Challenge your body and mind with martial arts and Mandarin Chinese language study!  Join Academic Explorers in Beijing, China for semester, summer and custom study abroad programs.  No previous knowledge of the Chinese language or martial arts is necessary to participate in our programs."

I'm working with AE as a Summer Program Coordinator and Language Teacher. Send me an email if you're looking for more info about AE Programs. Current Summer session is June 25th to July 25th.

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